who are we

Providing an integrated cuisine and service with affordable price and our customer able to share our kind of experience at EATBOSS. So they can share every story to their say call. It’s suitable our tagline CeritamuAdaDiSini.



Background Story

Tomodachi restaurant was established in Bandung, November 1998, Tomodachi has grown more than 20 outlets all around Indonesia. After 22 years of fine-tuning, product development and loads of hard work, we have what you see today. In the future we are looking forward to keep developing the company Tomodachi Corporation is the mother company of several brands, consisting of Tomodachi Restaurant, Sierra Café & Lounge, Eatboss, Flaming Pots, Mililiter Coffee, Tomodachi Pastry and Tomodachi Catering Serivce which
is supports breakfast service for hotels as well as experienced in event such as wedding, birthday, engagement and company gathering etc. In respond to the high demand from the market, Eatboss as one of developed brands, continue its entrepeneurship by opening
partnership all around Indonesia. In conclusion, we are offering you to be a part of our business.


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