who are we

Eatboss providing an integrated cuisine and service at affordable prices, our customers can share their experience at Eatboss, enabling them to share every story they have to tell. This aligns perfectly with our tagline #CeritamuAdaDisini


Background Story

Through a long journey in the Indonesian culinary world, EATBOSS stands as a company that consistently provides a variety of food and beverage. It is designed to meet our customer’s various needs through fine quality food and beverage standards, integrated with good standard services.
In October 2015, EATBOSS was officially opened for the first time on Jl. Aceh, 66 Bandung and continued to develop in cities including Bandung, Cirebon, Balikpapan, Tegal, Garut, Semarang, Samarinda, and Tasikmalaya. Meanwhile, we are still looking forward to continuing the expansion of the company through the opening of new outlets across Indonesia.


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